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Title: HAVENKWARTIER + / A new experience in Assen
Team: Hugo Kok (NL 1980)

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Havenkwartier+ proposes a step-by-step development of the strategic site, dependent on such factors as economic conditions and the demand for housing. Two of the three tools for developing the area are: activation by means of events and reuse of the industrial buildings. The silo, for example, has a roof terrace and a bar. The third tool entails the mixing of functions, well-conceived public spaces, routing and facilities. The first group targeted for the area will be pioneers: for example water enthusiasts, artisans and students. The first development on the waterfront anticipates these target groups, which are separately accommodated. The warehouse comprises residential/work units and the loft contains apartments with a panoramic view of the water.

Jury Report

Although the result is not remarkably exciting or innovatory, this clear plan presents a comprehensive answer to the assignment. It is urban without being massive and fits in well with the industrial context. The strategy for a step-by-step development is convincing: implementation could, as it were, start tomorrow. But are the interventions in their entirety powerful enough to inject the necessary impetus?

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