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Team: Frederica Buffarini (IT 1987), Ruben Carboni (IT 1983), Lorenzo Consalvi (IT 1975), Francesco Leoni (IT 1975), Stefano Morelli (IT 1981), Romina Nespeca (IT 1983)

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With a vision for the development of the whole of Assen, in this plan the strategic site is linked to a larger-scale vision. The canal forms the connecting element, along which green facilities and pedestrian and cycle routes are laid out. Several new residential areas can be developed along this backbone. In Havenkwartier, two construction volumes are proposed along what is termed a 'highline': in continuation a of large water square stands an apartment block with a commercial plinth where the infill can develop organically. A timber gangway running from the apartment block leads to a strip with apartments with landing stages on the ground floor.

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