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Title: REmix
Team: Carla Famiglietti (IT 1979), Antonella Guerriero (IT 1985), Paolo Pellecchia (IT 1975), Cecilia Polcari (IT 1981)

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Remix is based on the complete infill of the VROM site with an industrial development typology that is divided in two, forming an intensive connection with the surrounding area. This creates a pattern of streets and squares. The plan has a vertically-programmed organisation, with small-scale activity at ground level, with parking above, and two housing levels on top. An Ecoboulevard cuts through the plan and forms a green axis running from the city centre, over Koemarkt and the VROM site, via a new pedestrian bridge over the water in the direction of the Plantage park.

Jury Report

A clear plan based on an intelligent analysis of the assignment. The scale is well-chosen and the relationship between Koemarkt and the river Schie has been improved. The new bridge that is proposed is worth consideration. But the plan fails to make a good connection between the business area and the city centre. The jury is not impressed with the architecture.

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