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Title: [in] Visible City
Team: Giovanni Gherpelli (IT 1983), Francesca Iavasile (IT 1983), Giulio Lusvardi (IT 1983), Glenda Mariotti (IT 1983), Luca Oddi (IT 1983)

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(In)visible City bases the development of Havenkwartier on an eighteen-point manifesto. Themes such as flexibility and adaptability recur in most of the points. People are of primary importance, cars should be kept out of sight, and public, green spaces fill more than half the neighbourhood. Four industrial buildings, including the silo, are preserved, the rest are demolished. An orthogonal urban grid is projected onto the area with two circular watercourses as distinctive features. Two building types are proposed: buildings and towers composed of rectangular, horizontal beams. Both are situated on the waterfront and comprise a mix of functions.

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