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Team: Arnaud Backer (FR 1986), Gilles Meyer (FR 1984)

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Hoendiep Cross proposes the creation of two new urban connections: a north-south and an east-west connection. The two cross each other on the Hoendiep project site, creating a place where new urban functions can develop. It is marked by an iconic tower with a diversity of programmes. The remaining programmed infill is more temporary and industrial in nature and extends along Hoendiep. Many facilities are proposed in the public space, such as a skating track, a sports field, a playground, an open-air cinema and an amphitheatre.

Jury Report

A well-conceived plan paying a great deal of attention to the process. The result is a strategy for a gradual development, drawing a significant distinction between temporary and permanent functions. The connections in the north-south and east-west directions, with an attractive route along the water, are a sound choice. The jury is less enthusiastic about the large building: it is unattractive and, moreover, superfluous.

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