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Title: DOWNTUIN SCHIEDAM / the adaptable landscape
Team: Pantelis Kampouropoulos (GR 1983), Laertis Antonios Vassiliou (GB 1983), Terpsichori Latsi (GR 1982), Reem Saouma (LB 1983), George Siokas (GR 1984)

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Downtuin proposes a raised ground level that practically covers the entire project site. This new green landscape covers the traffic, works as a large-scale connecting element for the city, and clears the way for pedestrians. Below ground level there are offices, shops and parking spaces. At ground level there are four residential blocks. The housing on Rotterdamsedijk is demolished. A new bridge gives access to the opposite side of the river Schie, where a building with shops and a hotel are proposed.

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