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Team: Saimon Gomez Idiakez (ES 1986), Irena Nowacka (PL 1987), Johannes Pilz (AT 1985), Francesco Pomares Pamplona (ES 1986)

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Functions on the Move criticises present-day top-down planning culture and the ensuing crisis in the relationship between the city and its users. Three tools are developed to enable occupants to contribute to the future appearance of their city: the 'Cloud' (where to build?) is a master plan that continually adapts to the 'here-and-now'. The 'Regels' (how to build?) organises the building process. The 'Prototypologieën' (what to build?) is a constantly-changing library of buildings. Together, they generate an outcome that, in the long term, is potentially highly chaotic, but possibly also dynamic and stimulating.

Jury Report

This entry, which is more like a strategy than a design, is based on an analysis of the use of the space. The area can be filled in with smaller programmes with the aid of an interesting “tool box”. But it would be a mistake to think that an organic development does not require a clear structure. With this entry the fascinating approach is at the expense of the quality of the public space and the relationship between public and private.

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