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Title: assen, inherit kanaal / develop futures
Team: Borga Baños Ramos (ES 1981), Angel Barreno Gutierrez (ES 1979), Carlos Bauzá Cortés (ES 1979), Jordi Bolaños Oncino (ES 1980), Jairo Fernández Rodríguez (ES, 1979)

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The notion that water is the basis for urban development and that Havenkwartier has the potential to develop into a strongly-urban hub with a high density and a mix of functions form the starting point. In order to preserve as many of the existing buildings as possible the designers propose extending these, where feasible, with a modular method of construction. The system comprises a screwed steel construction in which a number of functions can be accommodated. Two solitary buildings along the canal are elaborated incorporating this building system: a cube-shaped construction volume under which boats can sail and a strip of development parallel to the water. Built volumes alternate with semi-public, outdoor green spaces within the development

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