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Special Mention
Team: Vicente Molina Dominguez (ES 1987)

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Waste?land presents an alternative to standard area development. It is argued that the whole of Havenkwartier can be viewed as a catalogue of building materials which should be used to transform the area. Future occupants can dismantle the existing industrial buildings and use the material to create a newly-built environment. In this way, the existing character of Havenkwartier is preserved in a natural way. Building with non-standard elements such as oil drums, old tyres and storage racks inspires people to devise inventive and creative solutions. Linking this process with education and sharing the knowledge gained, creates a close-knit society in Havenkwartier.

Jury Report

The jury awards a special mention to an entry that focuses on sustainability. Assuming that over the years, more and more businesses will leave Havenkwartier, the designers have developed a concept for entering the materials in the disused industrial buildings in a catalogue. A community could develop in the area that reuses these materials to build housing. In addition to a clear presentation of the process on which this is based, the entry addresses a subject of topical interest by pointing out the changing role of the architect. His or her task in this case is not so much concerned with devising a form, but chiefly with guiding the community that will develop here and that considers self-activation of paramount importance. For the rest, there is no escaping the laying down of a spatial structure, including the proposed “organic” development process.

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