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Title: Blossom Assen
Team: Christoph Wassmann (AT 1973)

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Blossom Assen stipulates that Havenkwartier should be developed as a place for a green lifestyle. In addition, as many of the existing buildings as possible should be reused and extended with alternative housing types such as patio housing and lofts. The canal in the heart of the area forms an exception to this approach. The banks of the canal are given a new, undulating form and a number of eye-catching buildings are proposed on the water: a circular-shaped market building with a watchtower, an amphitheatre and floating housing. Housing is developed in the immediate vicinity.

Jury Report

A powerful concept, insufficiently elaborated in a concrete plan. The site infill, a programme that puts the area on the map, is based on the existing structure. Careful consideration has been given to the target group. The strategy facilitates flexibility and it provides an initial step on the road to further development. The jury is less impressed with the architecture, as far as this is represented in the entry.

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