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Title: DataSilos
Team: Dante Giovanni Borgo Lopez (MX 1982), Christian Zammit (MT 1984)

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In this plan a utilitarian building is used to create an urban environment. It presupposes that the growing use of digital media will increase the need for data storage. The requisite data servers take up a lot of space and should be accommodated in a cooled unit. At the same time this sort of facility uses a vast amount of energy. The plan proposes combining a 'Datasilo' (a tower for data servers) with a thermal bath and a hothouse. The requisite cooling water can be used for the bath, while the heat produced by the cooling system can be used to cultivate the plants, thus making a virtue of necessity.

Jury Report

The idea of a large data centre, using the surplus heat for thermal baths, is more realistic than appears at first sight. Groningen would definitely benefit from an eye-catching building on this site, but the architecture needs to be of a much higher standard than represented here. The plan is not suitable for a gradual development of the site.

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