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Title: Liquid Pattern
Team: Barbara Ester Adele Piga (IT 1976), Eugenio Morello (IT 1978), Giovanni Lupo (IT 1976), Emilie Pommier (FR 1984), Annalisa Romani (IT 1982), Leonardo Zuccaro Marchi (IT 1983)

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Reuse of existing industrial buildings and the use of water as an urban design instrument form the basis for the Liquid Pattern plan. Existing buildings can 'erode' making way for housing, and existing large-scale spaces can serve as contemporary workspaces. New watercourses ensure that all the new housing is situated along the water. Two buildings are elaborated: a residential block with apartments on the waterfront and a row of housing along the canal. Both are inspired by industrial typologies such as silos and warehouses.

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