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Title: Think Tank Terminal
Team: Mersiha Čerim (BA 1986), Zejd Kobilica (BA 1987), Amilia Rujanac (BA 1986), Jasmin Sirčo (BA 1986), Ilma Smailbegovic (BA 1989)

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Under the name Think Tank Terminal an ensemble of buildings is proposed that serves as a centre for interdisciplinary education and exchange. The project site will function as a container terminal. Five buildings are proposed. Each building is composed of cargo containers that can be transported by ship and hoisted into place by crane. The functions proposed range from a multi-functional hall to a multimedia centre, a promotion centre for sustainable energy and (student) housing.

Jury Report

Because cargo containers can easily be added and removed, they could definitely be used for a flexible development. However, this strategy fails to live up to its promise because it is not successfully elaborated in the entry. The jury considers the proposed programme too ambitious.

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