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Title: Urban_Icons
Team: Byung Hwee Jo (KR 1976), Simone Crisafulli (IT 1987), Simone Labate (IT 1982), Giuseppe Mangano (IT 1987), Francesco de Meo (IT 1981), Fabio Montesano (IT 1986), Ilario Tassone( IT 1978), Alessia Tos

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Urban Icons proposes a completely new urban plan. All the industrial development is demolished to make room for an urban grid of streets, row development, water and green spaces. A number of solitary buildings are situated within the framework of a rectangular watercourse at right angles to the canal. Two are further elaborated: a cube-shaped apartment building in the harbour basin and a row of waterfront housing parallel to the canal. As regards architectural expression, the one is a rigid block, the other a whimsical and colourful construction volume, the two buildings differ markedly in character.

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