Site information Groningen


Team: Angeliki Evripioti (GR 1982), Dimitris Zoupas (GR 1979)

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Terra Nova proposes 'erasing' the whole of the area surrounding the project site so that the immediate vicinity can also be re-developed. The designers have created an island by digging a new branch of the Hoendiep canal. With references to the Giardini in Venice and the Île de la Cité in Paris it reminds of the importance of an urban island. Artificial hills are created on the island with space for energy generation, research facilities, catering functions, a conference centre and a swimming pool. The landscape itself serves as a public park.

Jury Report

An artificial, hilly landscape will give the site a distinct identity. The proposal to create an island is interesting but would it be possible to find anyone prepared to make the substantial investments that this will require? There are also doubts about the buildings hidden in the hills.

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