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Title: uploading city
Team: Ton van Beek (NL 1976), Pieter Delacourt (BE 1974)

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Having first introduced new infrastructure to improve the project site’s connection with the city, the plan proposes adding a sustainable market hall. The entire hall roof is covered with solar panels to generate energy. Supplementary functions are accommodated under the large roof, such as housing, a boathouse, a fitness centre, an exhibition hall, a furniture outlet and a theatre. A watchtower stands tall next to the hall.

Jury Report

Just like the winner, this entry is conspicuous by the almost total absence of a programme. If the municipality itself is still uncertain about things, then a design such as this is extremely helpful. The structure proposed can, indeed, be further elaborated with functions, but even without that infill its existence is justified. In the latter case it raises the question as to who would be prepared to invest in it. Perhaps the proceeds from the solar panels could cover a considerable part of the costs. Although the architecture is still fairly rudimentary, it does appear to suggest that it could fit in well with the character of the site. In addition, an attractive, new cycle route is proposed in an east-west direction but, unfortunately, the plan ignores the opposite side of the Hoendiep canal where the premises of the former sugar factory are located. This shortcoming does not prevent Uploading city from deserving a runner-up prize.

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