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Title: give it a try!
Team: Maurice Houben (NL 1985), Mike van Houtum (NL 1987), Bjorn Kasandikromo (NL 1983)

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Give it a try proposes a phasing strategy for the VROM site that combines top-down city planning with bottom-up initiatives. The starting point is the widening of the river Schie, with mooring places for boats. These initiatives are deployed to test the economic feasibility of different types of programming. If the programming appears to be successful then the enterprise relocates to more permanent accommodation on the site. The quay is then vacated and is ready for new functions to be tested on it. By degrees, the built volume round the basin increases. Koemarkt is renovated in a later phase.

Jury Report

The graphically-strong design provides an interesting perspective of the site. It results in several settings for Koemarkt and the VROM site. For the latter a harbour is proposed that is, indeed, suitable here, but it will also cost a great deal of money. It requires an investment that will be difficult to recoup. The plan provides space for gradual development, allowing for functions to change in the course of time.

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