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Title: Shared Cloud: De Suiker Fabriek
Team: Clément Bouchet (FR 1984), Clémence Mathilde Brune Mascret (FR 1987)

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In the Shared Cloud plan a comprehensive strategy is defined to develop the SuikerUnie site as an open area for an assortment of urban activities. With a minimum contribution from the municipality the site should be made suitable for a development by diverse participants from the immediate vicinity and beyond. In the first instance two buildings are to be developed. First of all the 'Suikerhal' [Sugar Hall] with the 'Urban Think Tank' as a place where ideas can germinate. Then follows the 'Suikerdoos' [Sugar Box] that functions as a place for the music industry and a car park. In the course of time the project site becomes a hotspot so that housing can also be developed here in the future.

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