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Team: Elena Chevtchenko (NL 1981), Andrew Kitching (GB 1983), Ken Thompson (GB 1977)

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In Adaptable Collectives the plan is divided into four stakeholders’ collectives. The plan can be carried out in phases, and the four developments are not dependent on one another’s success. The first collective comprises the entrepreneurs on Koemarkt, for whom a new proposal for the traffic flow is made and a univocal, multi-tenanted building is proposed. The second collective is formed by the retailers and the occupants on Rotterdamsedijk that is topped up, refreshed and extended. The third collective comprises the municipality, potential developers and future occupants on the water side of the VROM site. New housing is proposed here. The boat owners and catering entrepreneurs form the fourth collective, for whom a new quay is realised.

Jury Report

This well-presented plan has a number of unmistakeable qualities. The distinction between four groups of stakeholders, and the connected areas that can be developed more or less independently, is interesting. It leads to a concrete and realistic design. Sometimes, a considerable effect is achieved with limited resources – for example for the quay along the river Schie. The jury is not happy with the proposed new development on Koemarkt that detracts from the view of a visually-dominant façade.

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