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Title: SILO@
Team: Jasper Grool (NL 1977), Pieter Karel van der Knoop (NL 1976), Wouter Stoer (NL 1979), Winfried Zwier (NL 1980)

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The SILO@ plan focuses on the need to develop the canal bank in Havenkwartier. Once this central zone is developed the further development of the entire strategic site can go ahead. In addition, alternative development methods such as 'land consolidation schemes' 'collective loans' and 'FEO Farming' are proposed. Until such time, use of vacant premises can facilitate liveliness in the neighbourhood. Newbuild in the project site round the harbour basin comprises two housing blocks facing each other. Both buildings (one with apartments, the other with single-family housing) flank a small marina. This is situated directly opposite the silo. There are twelve quayside housing units situated in the second project site.

Jury Report

With this professional plan the designers prove that they have carefully studied the relationship with the surroundings, including the city centre and the Drentsche Aa. The site’s DNA is embedded in the supporting structure of the quays. The silo is considered to be an icon, as the sightlines indicate. The plan is sustainable and can be realised in phases, with a realistic urban layout. On the other hand the architecture is not particularly innovatory.

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