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Team: Alejandra Figueroa Zubieta (ES 1984), Carla Julia Xercavins (ES 1986), Guillem Colomer Fontanet (ES 1986)

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In Atrium a triangular building is proposed on the VROM site. This building has distinct fa├žades orientated towards the water, the industrial development and the premises on Rotterdamsedijk. A large atrium forms the heart of the building that, thanks to its dimensions, can accommodate a variety of functions. The modular construction system means that the building can be adapted, depending on requirements. A green corridor runs between the VROM site and Rotterdamsedijk. A step-by-step transformation is proposed for Koemarkt whereby, eventually, all the development between Koemarkt and the VROM site will disappear. Because of this the triangular building comes to stand on the new large square.

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