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Title: Activeren, Experimenteren, Structureren
Team: Dingeman Deijs (NL 1978)

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A light strategy is intended to access and activate the SuikerUnie site. A variety of small white volumes form a lively route through the area, and create a clear, distinct visual identity. The foundations of the old factory are excavated and transformed into experimental gardens for the city. The adjacent company (KEMA) can use the garden as a test site for new forms of energy generation. Some time in the future, two new buildings can be developed round this garden.

Jury Report

The simple and equally-realistic strategy to gradually activate the area with minor interventions and modest programmes is interesting – even though it has not yet resulted in a detailed design. The emphasis lies in the creation of a structure that can be elaborated in various ways. Even if the area were not developed further, the intervention proposed leaves behind something valuable. 

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