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Title: a new start with old genes
Team: Joost van Rooijen (NL 1987), Maarten Thewissen (NL 1986), Redmer Weijer (NL 1985)

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The river Schie is deployed as a supply route for cargo containers and pontoons. These small interventions can capitalise on temporary requirements such as a market, an art route, platforms for concerts, small-scale parks etc. In this way the river Schie is once again actively involved with the city. The VROM site will serve as a production site for the containers and platforms. This takes place in a large, open shed that is also furnished with containers. On Koemarkt the existing kiosks are assembled in a larger pavilion, creating more order and more space for terraces.

Jury Report

This entry’s strength lies chiefly in the analysis based on the higher scale-level of the river Schie and Schiedam city centre. By proposing small interventions at numerous places along the river Schie, the Europan site is included in a larger structure. Moreover, with the proposal for Koemarkt, the designers succeed in creating an intimate square. A wider flight of stairs makes the river Schie more viable, while a similar stairway on the opposite side of the river integrates it with Koemarkt. The connection between Koemarkt and the VROM site is improved. However, the infill for the VROM site is less successful. The jury is not convinced that the architectural model presented here creates a meaningful public space. Furthermore, the designers have not succeeded in creating a relationship between the city centre and the business area. Also as regards programming, the design fails to appeal to the jury. It is the interesting analysis and the design for Koemarkt that qualify this entry for runner-up.


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