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Title: Xross-court
Team: Aldo Trim (NL 1977)

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Xross-court aims at creating a lively city centre by bringing together the various urban functions that surround the site. To facilitate this, the designers propose four buildings on the VROM site: each building is a continuation of the surrounding urban functions with the accompanying archetypal development. The result is a small, centrally-situated park flanked by a housing block, a warehouse, a factory and a hangar. On Koemarkt 'cow spots' with various functions are proposed, such as seats, a tram stop, or kiosks.

Jury Report

A plan is presented with a good spatial design based on a vision of an area larger than the Europan site, namely the Nieuw-Mathenesse business area. The relationship between Koemarkt and the VROM site is improved while, in the zone along the river Schie, an attractive public space is created. The architecture is less successful: the same applies to the proposal for a new layout for Koemarkt.

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