Forum of Juries and Sites 8 and 9 November 2013

Again Europan Nederland was represented very well at the forum, having a delegation of 29 persons. Not only all jury members were present, also the three sites were well represented. The aldermen from Assen and Schiedam were at the Forum too, and besides that Assen brought two persons from developing parties.


On Friday morning the programme started with an introduction on "Grand Paris" in the "Centre nationale de Danse" in Pantin, venue of the forum, followed by an architectural visit which unfortunately got stuck in traffic. So part of the visiting programme had to be skipped.


In the afternoon lectures, followed by debates were scheduled. In fact these formed the preparation for the theme of Europan 13, the next competition round.
Under the main theme "Adaptable City" three subthemes were defined. And about each subtheme two lectures, concentrating on special aspects, were given.
David Saxby spoke about "The Role of Civic Entrepreneurship" and Benoit Le Foll about "Densification Through the Individual House and Short network: the BIMBY project", both explaining a different aspect of "From Welfare State to Self-Organisation".
Specifying "From Segregation to Sharing" there were lectures by Frédéric Bonnet on "The shared city: a post-hedonistic solidarity city?" and by Sten Gromark on "Shared housing: cooperative housing and spatial innovation".
The third subtheme was "From the Object to the Project (Process)". Bernd Vlay talked about "Programmatic Innovation and Social Aesthetics", and Belinda Tato about "Urban Social Design".


In the evening the highly appreciated and animated dinner of the Dutch delegation enrolled itself. At the large round tables jury members and site representatives mixed and discussed vividly about Europan, the entries and life in general.


The working groups in which part of the selected entries were discussed took place on Saturday. In each working group were both site representatives and jury members who discussed about the possible solutions for the assignments, based on the entries that were selected in the first step of the adjudication. The discussions were lively, also thanks to the fact that the meetings were well prepared. In the morning Schiedam had to put in an appearance, together with nine other sites and seven jury members. Ton Schaap represented the jury for the Dutch site in this working group with the theme "Dynamic Urban Platforms".
After lunch the working group under the theme "From Mono-large to Multi-mix" gathered nine sites – among which Groningen – and seven jury members, of whom Harry Abels was one.
The third Dutch site, in Assen, was part of the working group "In-between Time", together with six other sites, and jury member Juliette Bekkering attended this meeting as the representative of the jury for the Dutch sites.


On Saturday evening a reception at the "Hôtel de Ville" was scheduled. A number of speeches were held – by the "president" of Paris, the president of Europan France and the president of Europan Europe. A brass band, composed of student of one of the architecture schools, gave a cheerful note.


The forum was an inspiring meeting, which was confirmed by all parties that were present.


Next morning most people returned to their home country, but the jury for the Dutch sites stayed to perform the final adjudication.