Forum of Sites 11 and 12 January 2013

At the Forum of Sites representatives of all Europan 12 sites that were known at that moment gathered in the Swedish town of Malmö.


So the first morning was dedicated to that town. A programme of excursions lead the forum participants to the Europan 11 site called Holma. There the company met the two runner-up teams participating in a workshop at that time.
Also Hyllie was visited, a district on the Malmö outskirts, which is in development. Large buildings like – among others – a congress centre are realised there.
The third excursion goal was the sustainable district of Västra Hamnen. In 2001 a building exhibition was organised there en nowadays the district is almost finished.


In the afternoon two rounds of debates were held, in which respectively the question if Europan themes are connected to the urban strategies of Europan cities and the question how processes of innovation can be implemented in the development of the city were discussed.


The evening of the first day the Dutch delegation met in the restaurant below the town hall, to get better acquainted and to enjoy dinner. All three Dutch sites were represented in Malmö: Assen, Groningen and Schiedam. The Schiedam alderman, Nathalie Gouweleeuw, surprised those who were present with a nice little gift on behalf of the municipality.


The next day, a Saturday, the working groups were scheduled, in which the assignments for the sites were discussed. In some cases this lead to the insight that some of the briefs either had to be sharpened or had to be enlarged. Because the more precise the question is formulated, the more adequate the answer will be…
For the Dutch site representatives it was very interesting to take cognisance of the other Europan 12 sites and to get acquainted to those who are involved in those sites.


Invited by the mayor of Malmö the Forum was closed with a stylish dinner in the town hall, which dates from 1530 and became to its present state in the nineteenth century.


On Sunday everyone could return home to let all information sink in and to continue working and deliberating on the competition material, that had to be complete in a couple of months.


It was an interesting forum and everybody enjoyed it very much.